Synectics, from the Greek synectikos, means bringing things together. It leverages analogical thinking with a variety of principles designed to help perceive and explore connections well beyond normal categories and stimulate creative thought.

The next series of posts will implement labs/exercises from Design Synectics to traverse this approach experientially.

The first lab, 1.1, is to create a composition using geometrical shapes to explore the various relationships between positive and negative spaces. The concept is that all visual fields are networks of interacting forces. Implicit in the way we perceive. Perhaps this is the Kant of design epistemology.

Shapes and Forces

Where does tension lie? Where does a pattern draw attention? For me, the A card is first, then attentions fragments on the diagonal pickets and scatters a bit to the left to the b card but pulls more into blocks with white dots, stops at the stick, pushes through with a bit of friction to a scene assembled in a gestalt so the feeling is solid, scatter, solid, scatter, unified.

Heuristics: grouping, repetition, combining, isolation, gestalt

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