1.4 The Scribble Field


These scribbles tell a story in their own dialect but require interpretation. It’s lazy art that leaves it all to your own devices in which I have the utmost confidence. Pulling randomness into a pattern, like sculpting the shapes of clouds, happens through the agency of our subconscious and creative mind. What stories emerge when given structure and a latitude to unfold? These are potential modalities for discovery, insight, and revelation.

There is no experiential difference between a random arrangement and a pattern we do not perceive. Chaos contains algorithms which may appear random to those not privy to an underlying scheme. Noise camouflages recognizable pattern into something unseen. Flavors and nuances between poles of random and order.

The scribbles here were produced with paperjs using the following simple algorithm:

const getRandom = (max) => {
// get random integer from 0 to max
return Math.floor(Math.random() * max);
function drawScribbles(lines, lineSize, color) {
let path = new p.Path();
path.strokeWidth = lineSize;
path.strokeColor = color;

for (let i = 0; i < lines; i++) {
path.add(new p.Point(getRandom(_w), getRandom(_h)));

Heuristics: repeat, random, combine, superimpose, hybridize, symbolize

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