1.3 Synectic Encounters

Hybrid Shapes

Two simple shapes on different sides have…encounters. What might their hybrid forms look like?

While most of this was done in Illustrator, generating the random distribution of the initial forms: lines and circles was done using paperjs and then exported as an svg. Here’s a useful snippet if you want to export your creation in the browser to save it as an svg from a paperjs project:

function capture() {
let fileName = "custom.svg";
let url =
"data:image/svg+xml;utf8," +
encodeURIComponent(paper.project.exportSVG({ asString: true }));
let link = document.createElement("a");
link.download = fileName;
link.href = url;

If you want to save as an image, you can simply right click and save the canvas in most browsers.

Heuristics: repeat, random, combine, superimpose, hybridize, symbolize

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